where have I been and whats up???

I am Alive and pretty well but i have confessions to make. as maybe some of you figured out i have fallen off the face of the earth and there are many reasons for this but the biggest reason is because I have been a bit deceptive. I am a bit of a fraud. I have lied to a lot of you and it was really shitty of me. i take full responsibility. I put a lot of you in danger when I interacted with you before my 18th birthday. I know that what i have done is crazy and I’m sure a lot of you will hate me but then again you might not even read this for a lot of you have fallen of the face of the earth too. so to those of you that i hurt I’m sorry and i will leave a quickly as i came. 


Only Time Will Tell…

I don’t particularly like my situation but what can you do? Guard is awful i hate every second of it. work is really hard and i’m not sure I want to stick with it, all the death is getting to be a little much. I know I know, i picked it but its gotten harder the past few months. with Kathleen gone work isn’t the same. Yep Kat moved on to bigger and better things and i’m not one for long distance stuff so that’s how that  goes. This isnt going to be too sad of a post cause I slowly fizzled out but here it is.

i am done with this blog thing i have lost all my extra time. I no longer have time to keep you updated with the ooze of my life and it sucks. Maybe a random post now and then but until summer this will be pretty much dead. Now this is a prediction based off of the past few months schedule and is subject to change. This might just seem like some useless boring post but i thought you deserved to know Im not abandoning you just never around.

yes I’m aware that was really bad but i had to have it out there.

– me


So today I’m on my way to Tampa, Florida. I don’t know if any of y’all know this but I hate planes more than Satan himself. First off I live in Texas and we are like 5 feet above sea level so if I even go on a hill my ears pop. Now let’s all think of how high an airplane flys, omg I am in the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Yep I’m writing this on the plane fighting auto correct. So I’m sitting in front of some snotty kid who I’m pretty sure crapped his pants in take off. It smells slightly of tuna fish which is kind of strange. Oh I don’t like tuna fish either I think it smells awful and taste just as bad if not worse. I would say o can’t wait to land but honestly I can. Landing is the worst thing abt the whole experience I would rather have the kid behind me kick the holy hell out of my chair If I didn’t have to do the decent of the aircraft. My ears explode in pain on the way down to the point where it makes a grown woman want to cry her eyes out. Kathleen isn’t here to hold me so I can’t do that. I’m on my way to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle, I haven’t seen them in forever and now is a good time.
Now on to human ooze we read my blog for. So the most recent case of slime is a man shot dead and rapped. Which came first is the troubling thing. All signs point to the young man being killed first. This man has 3 gun shot wounds to his body and is kinda dismembered from the blasts of the 22 used on him. So this is a sick bastard. I’m all for sexual freedom as a lesbian I have the mentality of “whatever floats ur boat floats mine” except when it come to screwing the dead. First of all the human body is a gas bomb ticking to explode the moment the heart stops beating. So this is a health hazard for both you and all the people you come In contact with after this act. Then without sharing all the *lovely* things you can develop from a dead persons body coming In contact with a living being. The moral aspect of that is they are dead not asleep not coming back someone’s kid is dead and rapping their body is in my opinion is the greatest disrespect you can give a human.
Sry I suck at keeping up with this blog I’ve lost touch with some really awesome people because my time is so crunched now. I hope all of u ( however many of you there are left will forgive my absence and take me back)
Wow that sounded like I’m desperate to have a lover back!
So please excuse all the typos I’m sure there are plenty.

sneaks into the blog…

yes i’m alive and somewhat well i have been all over the us lately and i haven’t been able to do anything person at all. so i just wanted to say hi and yes i live i promise when i get a moment i will update you all on my gross and gruesome adventures in my daily life.

Yeah I talk to dead people…

So Im going to take this new found time seriously and write. I have recently finished up all the basics for school like I have my 4 year stuff done. Now I get to focus really hard on forensics yay no more boring books to read and give 19 page reports on no more math problems that will never apply to my life. Yep I’d say life is going pretty good. I have that guy I told y’all about that working on. I was being asked by one of the summer interns what had happened to him. Now most of you know I’m very sarcastic and I live for the looks on people’s faces I get. I enjoy the sound of the huh that goes off in their brains when I give them answers that are 4 billion points above their iq. So anyway back to the dumb blonde boy who asked me what happened. So it’s early Friday morning and she wants to know happened to the guy on the table. Granted I have no clue what happened to the poor pieces of what’s left of a man on my table. So Instead of telling her that, I tell her that he was a fellow intern that we took to the butchery with us who was mistaken for a cow and they cut him up into pieces and fed him to their dogs because he was too small to sell. She looked at me with the most disgusted look I have ever seen and asked if u was serious. I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard at work in my life. Of court she didn’t find this funny and went straight to Kathleen. Little to say I got a stern talking to at lunch. Of course being me I know how to make her forget what shes talking about and end up with a reward after work. Yep I’m slick and proud if it but I won’t tell u how I do this trick. So the rest of the day was me being all Antsy about what was to come. So that’s just a little update enjoy.

Sink or Swim Bitches

So a lot of things have happened since the last time I updated y’all. So this is kind of a happy update to kinda let y’all back in. So I got a puppy. And normally I would be grossed out by he fact that it’s a small animal but I actually like this one. I got a chihuahua she is blue and brown and has the personality of me. She is super hyper but she also plays her role as bitch. She is such a pleaser even when ur angry with her for being a little demon she is alll excited and wants to be picked up. She wants to be held all the time which would be fine if I was an old lady with no life but I am really busy and I usually don’t sit until late so this is hard for her to understand. Her name is Skye and she has the most beautiful blue eyes. Ok yeah so enough about her y’all want to hear about all the ooze. So here we go be prepared. So I got a new case on the table beside the little boy because I was just too angry to deal with that poor soul. So he went to the others who have been there longer and I got their case. It’s a spring breaker who went missing awhile ago. It’s a male who is have missing what I have on my table is a head, a pelvic bone and a leg. The poor man Is a mess well what’s left if him anyway! It’s never easy to find out what happened to a dead person but when u only give me bits and pieces that’s when it gets tricky. I think these people like making my life hard. Oh well that’s just more time for me and Kathleen. I think she is The best no matter what she does. Speaking of her she has decided to try and make me into her roommate well house mate I might say. Well that’s a heck no cause I like my own space. It’s fun to stay with her a few days at a time but then I like to come home to be by myself and I can do whatever pleases me. School is rough I don’t even know where I am in it. All I know is I’m done with all my basics now and of course I’m in the internship and the biology classes and all this scientific mumbo jumbo that makes my world go round. Needless to say school is a mess. I will try to keep up with y’all as much as I can but often I read all the blogs on my iPod so i can’t comment but the moment I have a minute I will be sure to write a novel for each of you. Well the ones that I know of. Well I just wanted to check in on all of you and I hope life has been treating you all well. Oh and if there are typos please forgive me cause I wrote this all on my iPod -Me

Yes, I Deal With Dead People Daily but This Was a child!


     Now most of my blogs have been pretty light hearted. Sadly, this is not another to add to the collection.  I have found that death becomes all too normal for me and I slough it off. I love my job don’t get me wrong but children are not easy to deal with. In my mind when I examine a child all I can think of is what a sick coward the person is who harmed this little thing. I see the adults as work but there is something about a child that makes me tear up and want my gun and id to go kick someone’s arse. I have no respect for anyone that could look that child in the face then shoot them down like they were an animal. I don’t understand how anyone could live with themselves after killing someone so innocent and young and full of life. To me and my logical brain, it makes no sense. I get the anger and sometimes you may think u want to kill another man but a child? Wow I just can’t imagine what would possess a man to do such a thing. This child had no threat to this man the man did it for no reason. Today was the worst day of my life having to look at what’s left of this little body and wonder what this life could have accomplished. He could have been the one to find the cure for aids he could find a cure for every cancer in the world but now he is dead he was only a third grader. Just a young boy with a whole life ahead of him, a loving family, and good place to grow up.  I wonder what went through the boys head as he watched the gun being loaded. What his last meal was. What he wished he could have said or done. All this taken away from him by a man. I wish I could have been there to save that poor little boy. I wish I was the bush that he was thrown into so I could have held him the last seconds of his life. All this I wish because he was only a boy.

Well I’m sorry for that sad note I just had to get that off my chest as I rarely get that opportunity. I felt yall needed to know all about what that man did to that boy. I’m sorry if u cried or got super pissed off. I really needed to vent.